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It’s one of the most challenging careers since you’ll also need technical skills and IT knowledge. Learning new skills will help you gain confidence to start your IT career. Since online learning became popular, you probably feel overwhelmed and don’t know which course to pick. We’ve rounded up some of the best beginner IT courses for you. During your studies, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematics, information and communication technology, and IT security.

The certification exam covers networks, infrastructure, IT concepts and terminology, applications and software, security, database fundamentals and software development. It’s also a good starting point if you want to continue down the CompTIA certification path, but it’s not a requirement for other certifications. The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification validates your abilities as a help desk professional, technical coordinator, or technical support professional for Mac users. Explore our information technology (IT) courses for beginners and learn a diverse range of topics, including programming, web development, networking, database management, and cybersecurity. Discover the significance of designing, developing, and maintaining systems, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing technology infrastructure. Whether you’re new to IT or seeking to expand your knowledge, our beginners’ courses provide a solid foundation to enhance your understanding of IT concepts and strategies.

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I could imagine getting pulled into hours of video training on VMware vSphere as well as video tutorials unrelated to certification preparation. This 14-hour course requires you to read tutorials on iPhone, iPad, and Mac tech support. You’ll learn how to set up and restore devices, manage network sharing and security, and run diagnostics. Lf you get at least 80% on the online exam, you’ll earn the Apple Certified Professional digital badge. With more companies allowing flexible work arrangements, professionals should learn the basic tech skills you’ll need as a remote worker.

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Many information security analysts have a bachelor’s degree in information assurance or computer science. If you can’t land an information security analyst position immediately, try getting your foot in the door with a help desk or IT technician position, and build experience from there. Like help desk technicians, IT technicians work to support the technical issues within an organization’s computer system.

This certificate from Google prepares you for entry-level IT jobs even if you didn’t finish a four-year course or work at a tech company. Information technology, commonly referred to as IT, is the use of electronic systems for sending, storing, processing, and retrieving data. IT is often considered to be synonymous with computer technology, software, and networks, but it also encompasses telephony technologies like smartphones. Many software developers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. You can also gain relevant experience through coursework or a boot camp, or through an internship. Site reliability engineers (SREs) keep the websites and apps we use up and running smoothly.

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